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What Are Dictionary Comprehensions in Python?

Jun 26 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at tuts+


Recently, we looked at list comprehensions in Python. Similar to its sibling the list comprehension, a dictionary comprehension is nothing more than a shorthand way of creating a new dictionary collection. While it may seem a little more complicated than the list version, it is actually quite simple to understand. 

In this video tutorial from my course on Data Handling With Python, I'll show you exactly what dictionary comprehensions are and how you can use them.

Dictionary comprehensions in Python

Watch the Full Course

Do you want to learn Python in depth? If so, the full course, Data Handling With Python, is for you. It goes beyond the basics and takes you through Python data management in detail. Beyond comprehensions, we'll also look at map, filter, lambdas, and generators, as well as reading and writing to files and complex objects. 

And if you want something even more comprehensive, try my seven-hour course Learn to Code With Python, which includes the lessons on data management but also covers a whole lot more aspects of the Python language.


Jun 26 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Latest Django packages added

A Django field for use with https://github.com/2degrees/python-enumeration.

Nosso 3º Django Girls Maceió

Jun 24 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Django Girls Blog

This blog post was written by Emylle Chrystinne. Thank you, Emylle :)

What about our 3rd Django Girls Maceió unless it made me very happy to perform it. Not because it had a large number of participants (which it did not have), but because of the interest of the girls that were there, the animation and the joy of all that can be noticed in a video testimony of one of the participants that said “Here much love”. Another said to be very happy to participate and learn, that it was a magical and happy moment. She was able to perform the tutorial and upload the site in less than 5 hours, it was beautiful 🙂. Seeing the sparkle in everyone’s eyes, seeing that we arouse curiosity and interest in learning more is very gratifying. We made new and good friends and this is priceless. I hope to soon realize our 4th Django Girls Maceió and so on. I just have to thank Django Girls for the opportunity. To thank the participants, our coaches, because without them it would be impossible to carry it out. Our sponsors and supporters have made our event more interesting.


Django Girls is a non-profit that teach programming to women all around the world. Want to help us? Support us!


Jun 24 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Latest Django packages added

Make Django routes easy again.

My Experience Coaching in Django Girls Lagos #3 (for IDPs)

Jun 23 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Django Girls Blog

So, on the 27th and the 28th of March 2017, I coached for the second time in a Django Girls workshop - the first was Django Girls Abuja. I equally helped organize both. Django Girls is a not-for-profit movement that trains females on how to build websites using Python and the Django framework; this was the third event of its kind organized in Lagos.

For me, this program held so much value because it was specially organized for the female IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) in Lagos State. At this point, I would love to give a shout out to the lead of the organisers of the event, Simi Olusola, CEO Aspilos Foundation and Initiator of AboCoders, for pulling together this group of people that are often overlooked in the society to partake in a tech event of this manner.

Without further ado, I would dive into my pleasant and gratifying experience at the event. We had a pre-workshop coaches’meetup at the fantastic hotels.ng office in Yaba. The workshop officially kicked off on the 27th with the pre-installation party at the Co-Creation Hub, Yaba with 38 participants (25 of which were IDPs) and 13 coaches that aided the participants in the workshop (shout out to all the brilliant and amazing coaches).

I was assigned two young IDPs aged 12 and 14 and we had the best time learning basic programming concepts and how to install Python, Django, Sublime Text and Git. And the amazing thing is, they were eager to learn and able to recall all they had been taught. Talk about programmers in the making!!! At the end of the day, they were looking forward to building their own Django-based websites the next day.

After a luscious breakfast the following day, the second leg of the event kicked off in earnest. This time I had three incredible ladies to coach. We progressed through the tutorial, topic by topic, from the concept of the internet, to the command prompt, to introduction to Python and then building a Django-powered blog. My students made coaching seem worthwhile; they asked intelligent questions, ran codes independently for the most part and when they encountered bugs, tried to fix them before asking for help. Though they were not able to finish the tutorial due to the time constraint (so sad), they did an awfully good job coding from morning to evening with just a short lunch break in between. At the end of the day, I encouraged them to continue with the tutorial in their spare time and reach out if they encountered any issues.

In addition to exposing the IDPs to programming and technology in general, I applaud the Django Girls Lagos #3 team which I am a part of and the sponsors for enriching the lives of the participants materially. All IDPs were given items such as laptops, flash drives, t-shirts, umbrellas and other little items at the end of the event. Other participants also received all these except the laptops. It was heartwarming to see the event turn out so successfully. Of course, there was the classic photo shoot at the end to cap the workshop and we made funny faces and poses for the camera.

On a final note, long live Django Girls!!! Django Girls rocks!!!

Django Girls Lagos Organisers’ Note:

We could not have had a successful and impactful workshop without the support of the following: AboCoders, Andela, CCHub Nigeria, GitHub, Google Nigeria, MTN Nigeria and Python Software Foundation and other individuals. Thanks to their support, we were able to give every IDP and student from Bridge Academy a laptop and get everything we needed for the workshop.

To our coaches, we would like to say a big thank you. Even if we had all the money but had no coaches, we would have made no impact. Thank you for the time you spent sharing knowledge with the participants! You made it happen!

Django Girls is a non-profit that teach programming to women all around the world. Want to help us? Support us!

Backend Software Developer (Python / C++)

Jun 23 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Djangojobs.Net latest jobs

Als backend software developer ontwikkel je samen met je collega’s op de afdeling Research & Development (R&D) innovatieve en geavanceerde videobewaking /toegangscontrole/ monitoring en andere beveiligingsoplossingen. Je optimaliseert bestaande producten en oplossingen, maar ontwikkelt net zo makkelijk nieuwe. Binnen het team heb je veel vrijheid en grote invloed op de producten, van architectuur, concepten en (eind)oplossingen. Tevens verwachten we dat je jouw inbreng levert op het vlak van innovatie en het toepassen van nieuwe methoden en technieken om zo te borgen dat BigBrother voorop blijft lopen. Je werkt in een team met specialisten waarbij eigen initiatief, teamwork en goede communicatieve vaardigheden van groot belang zijn. Professionaliteit, flexibiliteit en kwaliteit zijn hierbij vanzelfsprekend. [HTML_REMOVED] Tot je taken en verantwoordelijkheden behoren onder andere:[HTML_REMOVED] - Het ontwerpen en ontwikkelen van kleine of grotere applicaties en producten;[HTML_REMOVED] - Het adequaat invullen van een sleutelrol in de ontwikkeling van nieuwe/bestaande producten;[HTML_REMOVED] - Het overleggen met collega’s, externe partijen en klanten tijdens de ontwikkeltrajecten;[HTML_REMOVED] - Samen met je collega's nieuwe ideeën uitwerken tot een werkend product: niet alleen coderen, maar ook concepten uitdenken, ontwerpen en uitbouwen tot een compleet product.

Wat vragen wij van je? [HTML_REMOVED] We vragen natuurlijk veel van je. Je hebt een aantoonbare passie voor software development. Je voelt je lekker in een sleutelrol bij het bedenken en ontwikkelen van nieuwe producten. Je hebt een voorkeur voor projectmatig werken, duidelijke doelen, en neemt je collega’s mee naar het einddoel.

Verder heb je of ben je, beschikt je over:[HTML_REMOVED] - HBO werk en denk niveau en een opleiding (Technische) Informatica, Electrotechniek;[HTML_REMOVED] - Aantoonbare ervaring met ontwikkelen in Python en C++;[HTML_REMOVED] - In staat om je nieuwe hardware en tools snel eigen te maken en nieuwe concepten snel toe te passen;[HTML_REMOVED] - Kennis van diverse besturingssystemen, (Linux, Windows) zijn een pre;[HTML_REMOVED] - Kennis van Websockets, PostgreSQL, of videostreaming zijn een sterke pre.[HTML_REMOVED]

Wat bieden wij je?[HTML_REMOVED] Een baan met veel ruimte en vrijheid bij een internationale topspeler op het gebied van innovatieve en state of the art beveiliging/toegang/monitoring oplossingen. Nu is het moment, we zijn onderweg naar een grootschalige lancering van een productsuite.

Je wordt onderdeel van een jong, dynamisch, en stabiel bedrijf dat hard groeit. Je werkt in een innovatieve omgeving en maakt gebruik van de nieuwste technieken. Wij bieden uitgebreide opleiding en training waardoor je, je kunt ontplooien en bieden de mogelijkheid tot doorgroeien. Je kan rekenen op een goed salaris en secundaire arbeidsvoorwaarden.

Waar ga je werken?[HTML_REMOVED] BigBrother is een ambitieus, innovatief, hard groeiende Nederlandse organisatie met een kantoor in Ede en Wilrijk (BE). BigBrother ontwikkelt en maakt gebruiksvriendelijke beveiligingsoplossingen voor de Petrol- en Retail sector. BigBrother werkt structureel samen met internationale oliemaatschappijen en gerenommeerde Retail organisaties.

BigBrother geeft retail organisaties en tankstations niet alleen grip op hun primaire processen door alle risico gevoelige producten en activiteiten te beveiligen en in beeld te brengen. Ook spelen wij een belangrijke rol in het versnellen van de primaire processen van onze klanten. Een mooi voorbeeld hiervan is de ontwikkeling samen met my-order: Mobiel betalen van brandstof door middel van kentekenherkenning, een versmelting van technologie met als doel een zo eenvoudig mogelijke manier van tanken realiseren voor de consument. Met de technologische innovaties die BigBrother zelf ontwikkelt, krijgt de klant meer inzicht in zijn operaties, waardoor hij beslissingen kan nemen met impact. Hierin kiest BigBrother als beveiligingsfirma duidelijk een eigen koers.

Meer informatie en solliciteren[HTML_REMOVED] Alleen voor functie gerelateerde vragen kunt u contact opnemen met Annemarie Oosterhof, HR Manager, telefoonnummer 0643196441. Solliciteren kan online via deze link. [HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED] De referentiecheck is een standaard onderdeel van de sollicitatieprocedure. Het aanleveren van een bewijs van goed gedrag en zeden maakt deel uit van de aanstellingsprocedure. [HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED] Acquisitie naar aanleiding van deze vacature wordt niet op prijs gesteld. [HTML_REMOVED][HTML_REMOVED] Trefwoorden: Vacature, Fulltime, Ede, python, C++, backend developer

DjangoCon US Schedule Is Live

Jun 22 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at The Django weblog

We are less than two months away from DjangoCon US in Spokane, WA, and we are pleased to announce that our schedule is live! We received an amazing number of excellent proposals, and the reviewers and program team had a difficult job choosing the final talks. We think you will love them. Thank you to everyone who submitted a proposal or helped to review them.

Tickets for the conference are still on sale! Check out our website for more information on which ticket type to select. We have also announced our tutorials. They are $150 each, and may be purchased at the same place as the conference tickets.

DjangoCon US will be held August 13-18 at the gorgeous Hotel RL in downtown Spokane. Our hotel block rate expires July 11, so reserve your room today!

https://dthvd5fu2buwu.cloudfront.net/AIDAJDK733UNHWQSJZ5EM/cms/cache/1920x1080/02/11317-02de00a78ad68221f671639b63599170.jpg https://dthvd5fu2buwu.cloudfront.net/AIDAJDK733UNHWQSJZ5EM/cms/cache/900x620/bb/11312-bbd452778592aa86f5c141e6bdfa125e.jpg https://dthvd5fu2buwu.cloudfront.net/AIDAJDK733UNHWQSJZ5EM/cms/cache/900x620/08/11315-082c45fc9e8922b6b17487d9a2cf7a15.jpg https://dthvd5fu2buwu.cloudfront.net/AIDAJDK733UNHWQSJZ5EM/cms/cache/900x620/84/11319-845dc5b6b92cf6093c9b670ebf1bacde.jpg

My Django Girls Experience

Jun 22 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Django Girls Blog

It all started as it usually does, with a girl who is intrigued and excited about the internet and hence, enthusiastic to learn more about it. This led me to travel 7 hours by road to Ogbomoso, a town I had never been to or know anyone just to attend a Django Girls workshop on the 7th of May, 2016. It seemed to surprise everyone why someone would travel such a distance just to attend the workshop and learn. However, the fact that I had no place to stay in Ogbomoso availed for me, the opportunity to spend my time there with the awesome coaches at the hotel we were lodged in.

As a participant in the workshop, I had one coach who has been a mentor to me since then. However, I had the privilege of attending the coaches thank you dinner which changed my life completely. I just knew then that this was a start of something great. They encouraged me to bring Django girls to the city of Minna where I reside and that is how my journey began.

Django Girls Minna was birthed and inspired by the organizers and coaches of Django Girls Ogbomoso. As I was doing my Industrial training at that period in time, Django Girls Minna was scheduled to hold at the end of my training. To gain more “Django girls workshop” experience to enable me to organize a successful workshop in my city, I volunteered to coach 3 awesome girls at the Django Girls Port Harcourt Workshop on the 23rd of July, 2016.

Django Girls Minna workshop held on the 10th of September 2016 and was organized with the help of Emmanuel. 31 awesome Ladies between the ages of 11 and 33 participated in the workshop where 10 coaches’ volunteered to coach the girls at the workshop.

My coach at Django girls Ogbomoso (Eyitemi Egbejule) took a night bus and came all the way from Lagos (This was 10 – 12 hours journey) to attend the event. I was awestruck at how committed he was and everyone was inspired by his resolve making them realise learning and teaching at Django Girls Workshop was a worthwhile endeavour.

The girls had an inspiring talk from Mrs Caroline Alenoghena (PhD), a female Telecommunication Engineering Lecturer of the Federal University of Technology, Minna. She told the participants the story of a deaf frog who could not hear all what “Nay Sayers” had to say and was able to reach its goal at the top of the tower.  She further admonished the ladies to take advantage of the opportunity afforded them by the workshop to learn to program as it will turn out to be a useful skill regardless of the field they may find themselves.

We had the founder of Abocoders, Simi Olusola join us for the event. She told the girls what Abocoders is about and invited them to join and visit their centre at Minna. As a result of the impact Django Girls Minna made, Django Girls Abuja was born and organized by Abocoders in January 2017. Abocoders coders went ahead to organized the third workshop in the city of Lagos for internally displaced persons (IDPs) on the 28th of February 2017.

Also, one of our awesome female coach (Tolu Alabi), keyed into the initiative and Django girls Kaduna was organized and held on the 10th of December 2016. She didn’t stop there as Django girls Kogi is around the corner.

I could not contain my joy and excitement at how much Django girls workshops were spreading and being organized at various cities in the country Nigeria especially in the northern part. This also led my co-organizer Emmanuel to bring the good news of Django Girls to the girls in Makurdi, Benue State, this time, I co-organised.

Django Girls Makurdi held on the 25th of February 2017 where we had 26 girls in attendance 12 awesome coaches who made the event a success.

One of the participants of Django Girls Minna coincidently is my course mate in school and the moment we were back at school, we came together and worked towards organizing a workshop for the ladies on our campus (though ladies from within and outside the city were invited). This brought about Django Girls Benin City which held on the 11th of March 2017, at the University of Benin.

Django Girls Benin City was a success with 15 girls in attendance and 7 coaches. The event started with a pre-installation on Friday, 10th of February where all the necessary programs were installed in the systems of the various participants.  The main workshop went well as the girls were eager to learn and they did learn a lot by the end of the workshop. To conclude the workshop, we had a little talk show where the coaches and organizers motivated the girls and encouraged them to continue in the path that they have started.

Another awesome news is that the stories of Django Girls Minna, Kaduna and Makurdi inspired and has led to the organizing of a workshop in the City of Jos. This made me realize that compared to previous beliefs, the northern part of Nigeria has lots of girls who yearn for this opportunity and are eager to learn how to build the internet.

It marks one year so far with Django girls and what a wonderful journey that has been for me. I have enjoyed and learnt from every aspect of it and I am sure that greater years lies ahead!!!

Django Girls is a non-profit that teach programming to women all around the world. Want to help us? Support us!

Django Compressor CSS filter for autoprefixer

Jun 22 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Latest Django packages added

Django Compressor CSS filter for autoprefixer

Visually distinguish environments in Django Admin

Jun 22 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Latest Django packages added

Visually distinguish environments in Django Admin

Django-admin command to display migrations with dependencies.

Jun 22 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Latest Django packages added

Django-admin command to display migrations with dependencies.

Python Meeting Düsseldorf - 2017-06-28

Jun 22 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at eGenix.com News & Events

The following text is in German, since we're announcing a regional user group meeting in Düsseldorf, Germany.


Das nächste Python Meeting Düsseldorf findet an folgendem Termin statt:

28.06.2017, 18:00 Uhr
Raum 1, 2.OG im Bürgerhaus Stadtteilzentrum Bilk
Düsseldorfer Arcaden, Bachstr. 145, 40217 Düsseldorf


Bereits angemeldete Vorträge

Matthias Endler
        "Grumpy - Python to Go source code transcompiler and runtime"

Tom Engemann
        "BeautifulSoup als Test framework für HTML"

Jochen Wersdörfer
        "Machine Learning: Kategorisierung von FAQs"

Linus Deike
        "Einführung in Machine Learning: Qualitätsprognose aus Sensordaten erstellen"

Andreas Bresser
        "Bilderkennung mit OpenCV"

Philipp v.d. Bussche & Marc-Andre Lemburg
        "Telegram Bot als Twitter Interface: TwitterBot"

Weitere Vorträge können gerne noch angemeldet werden. Bei Interesse, bitte unter info@pyddf.de melden.

Startzeit und Ort

Wir treffen uns um 18:00 Uhr im Bürgerhaus in den Düsseldorfer Arcaden.

Das Bürgerhaus teilt sich den Eingang mit dem Schwimmbad und befindet sich an der Seite der Tiefgarageneinfahrt der Düsseldorfer Arcaden.

Über dem Eingang steht ein großes "Schwimm’ in Bilk" Logo. Hinter der Tür direkt links zu den zwei Aufzügen, dann in den 2. Stock hochfahren. Der Eingang zum Raum 1 liegt direkt links, wenn man aus dem Aufzug kommt.

>>> Eingang in Google Street View


Das Python Meeting Düsseldorf ist eine regelmäßige Veranstaltung in Düsseldorf, die sich an Python Begeisterte aus der Region wendet.

Einen guten Überblick über die Vorträge bietet unser PyDDF YouTube-Kanal, auf dem wir Videos der Vorträge nach den Meetings veröffentlichen.

Veranstaltet wird das Meeting von der eGenix.com GmbH, Langenfeld, in Zusammenarbeit mit Clark Consulting & Research, Düsseldorf:


Das Python Meeting Düsseldorf nutzt eine Mischung aus (Lightning) Talks und offener Diskussion.

Vorträge können vorher angemeldet werden, oder auch spontan während des Treffens eingebracht werden. Ein Beamer mit XGA Auflösung steht zur Verfügung.

(Lightning) Talk Anmeldung bitte formlos per EMail an info@pyddf.de


Das Python Meeting Düsseldorf wird von Python Nutzern für Python Nutzer veranstaltet.

Da Tagungsraum, Beamer, Internet und Getränke Kosten produzieren, bitten wir die Teilnehmer um einen Beitrag in Höhe von EUR 10,00 inkl. 19% Mwst. Schüler und Studenten zahlen EUR 5,00 inkl. 19% Mwst.

Wir möchten alle Teilnehmer bitten, den Betrag in bar mitzubringen.


Da wir nur für ca. 20 Personen Sitzplätze haben, möchten wir bitten, sich per EMail anzumelden. Damit wird keine Verpflichtung eingegangen. Es erleichtert uns allerdings die Planung.

Meeting Anmeldung bitte formlos per EMail an info@pyddf.de

Weitere Informationen

Weitere Informationen finden Sie auf der Webseite des Meetings:


Viel Spaß !

Marc-Andre Lemburg, eGenix.com

Why does Korea needs Django Girls?

Jun 21 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Django Girls Blog

The Republic of Korea. Once dubbed ‘the land of morning calm’, is now miles away from that image. Korea of 2017 (and by Korea I mean it’s capital city, Seoul) is anything but calm. Aspiring technology and trade center of Asia, it’s a city that never sleeps, both figuratively and literally. At the same time, it’s still a place where it is tough to be a woman, let alone a woman developer. Patriarchy, top-down system and sexual-imaging of women in media are just the beginning of what a girl must go through every day. The recent political turmoil has not helped the already not the general violence and abuse towards women here.

Yes, these statistics may be a tad bit over dramatic, and it’s not like women are scared of going out on the streets (in fact, Seoul is probably much safer than an average American or European city. But still I recommend reading up on the country’s gender issues). But as much as Korea holds a high spot, when it comes to proportion of female developers, most of them are a) for decoration (SMEs get extra funding if they have female employees on their technical team) b) not on management positions, blocked by the glass ceiling (and usually without a permanent contract), c) given typical ‘girly’ tasks, like front-end or testing.

Django Girls Seoul Stickers

‘Girls can’t keep up in coding’, ‘Computer stuff is not for women’, ‘Python is easy, so there is a lot of girls doing it’, ‘Wow! It’s my first time seeing a girl programmer!’, ‘Pfff… You are a girl, how can you be a programmer?’, ‘Women cannot possibly learn proper backend programming. They should just sit in service centers and talk to clients’  

The above are all real remarks members have heard again and again. The biggest compliment a girl can receive from her seniors is ‘In my eyes, you are not a girl’. It’s like saying ‘you are good enough to be really part of our team’.  And there is still little support to overcome this way of thinking from the male-dominated developer community. A while ago I, a total Python-greenie, went for a meetup organized by one of the groups. Not only was I stared up and down as the only girl in the room, I was also told to google myself a tutorial and ask questions if I cannot understand something (FYI. It was a total beginner group!). I was then seated next to two guys who were discussing techniques of picking up girls in bars. I am a seasoned participant of a very male industry (telecommunications), and such talk is really water off the duck’s back for me. But I can very well imagine how uncomfortable and humiliated a younger, less accustomed girl would feel. And so girls do avoid going to such meetups, because why would one want to put oneself in such an awkward spotlight?

But just like the recent peaceful revolt of the society against corrupted and demoralized authorities, there is hope in Korean developer scene. More and more events and groups are looking more seriously at various minorities, and this includes women. Especially this year an active role of promoting ‘feminism’ (this term is so disputed… I guess ‘women empowerment’ would be better) has fallen onto Django Girls Seoul.

Fun times at Django Girls Seoul Workshop in 2016

In theory that’s what we are supposed to do: facilitate teaching Django and Python to people, namely girls, and any other social minorities, who don’t feel very welcome at regular coding meetups. But it’s turning out to be much more than this. Our Slack community has become not only a place where you can ask the ‘silliest’ questions (there are no silly questions, though!) without feeling like a ‘stupid girl’ about it, but also an information board, a support group, place where finally you can be… you. And it’s not only young women that find safe haven here: we have a representation of high schoolers (girls and boys) and hm… ‘older’ members (meaning they are 35+ years old). For our most recent edition of 6-week study group program (Python, Django), designed for 7~8 participants (mostly due to location restrictions)…. over 140 people signed up. Among them were not only students, young professionals or already wannabe-programmers but also housewives, working moms and people who reached that eerie point of their life where they don’t really know what to do next. And a free coding study group seems to be a good excuse as any to change out pyjamas and go out of the house.

Sure, there are other women-oriented meet-ups, but either they are not very regular (Women Techmakers) or have been put on hold due to members’ other professional and personal engagements (Geek Girl Carrots, Pyladies). So in a sense, Django Girls has become temporarily (we hope!) the main ‘feminist’ representation on Korea’s developer community scene.

We are planning a one day workshop for June, and already one of the biggest concerns is how to meet such a big demand with the limited resources we have. It will require some logistical adjustments, networking magic and great patience, but we believe we will have yet another amazing event, which people will leave all smiles about accomplishing something they thought they wouldn’t be able to do.

I have been in Korea for the last 8 years and have seen the society and social mentality change by leaps. It’s still a long and windy ahead, but groups like ours help things along the way. A lot of you may not be aware of what is going on in this small country, stuck somewhere East of China, West of Japan, but there are some big, revolutionary changes ahead of the Korean people. Breaking up with the old system, looking to introduce new standards and practices into the society is no easy challenge. But as long as there are groups like Django Girls, who may not have a political lobbying power, but can offer a shoulder to cry on, I remain hopeful for this country and its people. And most importantly for it’s strong and beautiful women.

We can do it by Nabichan

<This text was inspired by an amazing presentation by my Django Girls Seoul co-organizer, Jiyoung Hwang, that she delivered during Women Techmakers Korea 2017 event. I would like to thank her and our delightful community members because they are the best! 우리 아자아자 화이팅~~>

Django Girls is a non-profit that teach programming to women all around the world. Want to help us? Support us!

Django Girls Silicon Valley & Elastic - A Coach's Perspective

Jun 20 2017 [Archived Version] □ Published at Django Girls Blog

Meeting and coaching a diverse group of fantastic women at the Django Girls event in our Mountain View office on March 5th, was a truly enriching experience for me as a coach. Thirteen Elastic coaches from around the world came to work with nearly two dozen attendees. The atmosphere was very welcoming, and everyone was exceptionally motivated and eager to learn.

Prior to this event, I had an opportunity to give a group talk about the Elastic Stack to another set of diverse Django Girls - Delhi participants via pre-recorded video conference. It was very well received and boosted my confidence to get involved more in this organization. Since Elastic was hosting this time, I was all the more excited. For me, the most rewarding moments were when the Django Girls’ faces lit up in excitement with each success. It’s a feeling programmers are very familiar with: the moment something you’ve never done before in code starts working and your enthusiasm spikes. Getting to watch those “aha!” moments was the only reward the coaches needed!

This one-day workshop was organized by our awesome developer relations team, Michelle Carroll and Elyssa Emrich, and a member of our fantastic events marketing team, Luisa Antonio. They took care of the innumerable tasks required to ensure a successful event. They processed participant applications, recruited sponsors and mentors, set up a pre-event installation party to meet and greet the participants, and made sure there was food, drink, and swag aplenty to keep everyone energized during the workshop. Kudos to Michelle, Elyssa, and Luisa — your seamless organization skills deserve an entire blog post!

Django Girls workshops are designed to give women an amazing first coding experience and inspire them to fall in love with programming. Of course, there are many men who would benefit from the very same tutorials, and everyone is welcome, but Django Girls is primarily about encouraging more women to build the skills needed to pursue technical roles. The percentage of women in computer-science-related fields is regretfully small, and that can be intimidating for women who want to start coding. The Django Girls Project is dedicated to changing that.

The workshop tutorial enables aspiring female programmers to build their first web application and develop skills in Python, Django, HTML, and CSS. Attendees work in small groups and are coached by professionals who work with these technologies on a regular basis. For this event, the coaches met their teams via video conference for a pre-workshop “installation party” to get everyone set up with the tools they needed for the big day. The installation party helped both the coaches and the attendees to get to know each other personally. The rapport was already built, and both parties knew what to expect. It made breakfast more celebratory because we could greet each other by name and recognized familiar, friendly faces.  

Despite the huge amount of information that the participants were introduced to, they all made fantastic progress. They built a simple blog application and deployed it as a web app on PythonAnywhere. The buzz in the room was brilliant, and by the end of the day, everyone had a serious sense of accomplishment — the coaches couldn’t have been more proud of their teams!

The women who participated in the workshop had a wide variety of experiences and professional backgrounds. We had two mother-daughter duos in the group — what better place than a Django Girls workshop to introduce your daughter to programming for the first time! Other participants included lab technicians, technical writers, students, and women interested in making a career change.

Throughout the day, the coaches gave a variety of inspiring lightning talks. They shared very insightful views and personal stories about many topics. Talks ranged from how the coaches got involved in their careers in the tech industry to primers on topics like technology convergence or automation and messages on motivation, perseverance, and imposter syndrome.

One of the strongest themes of the Django Girls workshops is that programming can be fun and accessible. We believe programming is not just for a select group of super-nerdy males. We hope that we were able to deliver this message to the participants and that they feel empowered to take up new technical challenges and do great things.

So, excited? :-) If you’d like to get more involved with Django Girls by attending, coaching, or organising an event, check out the Django Girls website.

Django Girls is a non-profit that teach programming to women all around the world. Want to help us? Support us!


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Integrate Elasticsearch DSL with Django REST framework.

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