May 08 2013

Meet DjangoCon Sprints sponsor!

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original entryMeet DjangoCon Sprints sponsor!

Who doesn’t know yet that we’re doing DjangoCon Europe in a circus tent? But circus is no place for DjangoCon Sprints! We were looking for the kind of space that will accommodate 150 people and at the same time would be located in the heart of Warsaw (it will be weekend so it’s better to be closer to the epicenter of parties, right?).

Thankfully, we found the perfect venue! It’s called GammaFactory - a startup hub/co-working center!! It is based in the.. cheese factory :) Ok, it was a cheese factory, but now it’s a place with a vibrant community around it. If you happen to be a rock climber - the biggest bouldering center in the centre of Warsaw is next door to GammaFactory! So don’t forget your climbing shoes!

HardGAMMA Ventures, which owns GammaFactory, is one of the leading early stage VC funds in Poland (

Visit their site for more info!  

They also run a startup accelerator program for technology entrepreneurs called GammaRebels. It focuses on accelerating and developing startups through mentoring, advising and sharing both business & technical knowledge.

See you soon! :)

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