Aug 07 2017

My Experience as a Django girl Organiser and How i became One

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original entryMy Experience as a Django girl Organiser and How i became One

This blog post was written by Umar Faruq Adamu. Thank you Umar :) 

On 04 & 05 August 2017, the Django Girls Yola community successfully carry out its first Django workshop in the city of Yola.

The journey to the workshop all started when I, Umar Faruq Adamu the organizer of the workshop had a call from a friend who wants to learn web development. She asked if I should fix a time when am less busy to teach her how to build her own website. I thought of that and came with an idea since many ladies are willing to learn and didn’t find a way for that. I now decided that I should conduct a survey by reaching out to ladies in Yola to hear from them if they are interested in Programming and what is stopping them from pursuing it. To my greatest surprise out of 70 people, 52 of them are interested in programming and what stops them from coding is a lack of motivation and support. 18 of the 70 people responded that they think “Programming is for men”,“Programming is not easy, I know I can’t understand”.

It takes me some days to convince the 18 people that programming wasn’t that hard the way they think and tried HTML with them. After some days I had a call from one of the ladies telling me that she can now write an HTML page and wanted to try back end. She asked if I should be coming to her school and teach her with her friends. It was then when I said, “ I’ve attended Django Girls workshop before, why should I not organize one for my community since there are a lot of people who are interested?”.

I now applied to organize one in my city and get approval to organize. Something that first came into my mind is that I know a lot of people will participate and I and my co-organizer alone can’t successfully deliver the content of the workshop to the expected number of participants, I know decided to look for coaches from the city and outside the state. We get 15 coaches from and outside the state who are willing to volunteer and promote programming in the mind of ladies.

Now that we have coaches, the second thing that we have concluded on is the idea of sponsors that will support the event. Our workshop is successful because of the support that we got from awesome Foundations and Companies like PSF, djangoproject, flexiSAF Edusoft and BKC for giving us a free Hall and Internet. Your contributions to Django Girls Yola is highly appreciated and it has make a great impact to the attendees.

During the workshop, the coaches do their maximum best and explain codes in simpler terms for easy understanding. What we enjoy more during the workshop is debugging errors with the attendees, they try very hard to understand how Django works. The attendees are awesome, we enjoy been together and learned a lot from them while we teach.

Organizing Django workshop is the best thing that I’ve ever done in my life even though I organized many before but this was the best because it was marked a success as the content was delivered and the experience we got from this is awesome.

Django Girls is a non-profit that teach programming to women all around the world. Want to help us? Support us!

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